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Hatching Eggs

Hatch your own quality chicks from fertilized hatching eggs


We'll do the hatching for you and ensure happy, healthy chicks

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Give our growouts a new, happy home

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our breeds

Huxley’s Homestead currently has 12 large breeding pens and one mixed flock. Each flock is fed an all-natural diet that is high in vitamins. They are also provided with pasture-range of 6+ acres on a rotating schedule. We want our chickens to be able to do what chickens are meant to do – forage and run free. 

Our current breeding pens consist of:

– BBS, Buff, Lavender, Paint, and Calico Splash Silkies

– Lavender (Self Blue) Ameraucana

– BBS Ameraucana

– Black Copper Marans

– Rhode Island Reds

– Barred Plymouth Rocks

– Ayam Cemani

– Olive Eggers

– Easter Eggers


huxley & chicks

June, 2021
huxley’s homestead